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Reduce Fire Risk with Lint and Dust Removal

Laundry Duct Cleaning Before and After

When you use tumble dryers and other laundry machines that utilise blasts of hot air, chances are lint, clothing fibres and other debris may have built up in the ducts, even with a filter in place. Not only does this disrupt the flow of air through the ductwork, but it can also greatly increase the risk of a fire due the heat and highly flammable materials. In addition to potential fires, clogged laundry ducts can increase maintenance costs and could even impact energy costs. At Hygenavent, we are pleased to offer laundry duct cleaning services for businesses to ensure these ducts promote proper air flow and reduce fire risks for a safe and healthy work environment.

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You Can Count on Us

Our trained team of duct cleaning experts has many years of experience handling laundry duct cleaning for all types of businesses and organisations. We also have the necessary expertise to complete our processes in a variety of situations, including cramped and difficult working conditions and areas with minimal or limited access. We operate around your work schedule, providing the valuable services you require without disrupting your regular work flow.

We Tailor Our Services for You

We recognise no two businesses are the same, which is why we complete an on-site inspection before giving you an estimate of how much the work may cost. We will evaluate the current state of your laundry ducts and determine a programme that will best suit your needs and ensures you remain in full compliance. Both fire services in the UK and insurance companies have recognised the potential fire risks associated with laundry ducts and recommend having them inspected and cleaned regularly to reduce these risks and provide a safe environment. Upon completion of the work, we provide a certificate you can use to provide your insurance company with the appropriate proof.

Many businesses, from hotels to hospitals and more, rely heavily on their laundry machines and systems to provide hygienic bed linens and towels for their guests and patients. While they may have the most efficient machines to get this job done, it’s also critical to make sure the vents are properly cleaned on a regular basis to further increase efficiency and reduce the risk of fire.

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HVCA TR/19 Approved

B&ES TR/19 focuses on best-practice guidance for keeping ventilation ductwork clean, essential to prevent fire risk, maintain air quality and keep systems running efficiently. Many insurers now demand that cleaning be carried out in accordance with advice given in B&ES TR/19 - Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems.

Comprehensive Service

At Hygenavent, we listen to client needs and tailor our services to meet your exact requirements. We provide sustainable solutions to meet health and safety, environmental and legislative concerns, whilst maintaining reliability and compliance.

Long Term Protection

Hygenavent provides air quality assessment, treatment and air hygiene management services for a range of buildings, including office blocks, shops, hospitals and leisure facilities, to ensure legal compliance, a safe environment, plus the overall efficiency and long-term running of air handling systems.


CITB NAAD - National Association of Air Duct Cleaners AEME BESA - Building Engineering Services Association
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