Kitchen Extract Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning Ductwork and Removing Grease Deposits

Kitchen Cleaning Service by Hygenavent

A professional kitchen often means a lot of grease. Due to this build-up of grease and cooking oils in the ductwork, there is an increased risk of pest infestation, fire, hygiene issues and odour problems. Both the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Health and Safety have stipulated specific requirements for kitchen extract cleaning and maintenance for the best results. In addition to the right frequency of cleaning, it’s important to make sure it is done correctly and documented appropriately to ensure full compliance with these regulations.

Benefits of working with us include:

Free site survey and air quality sampling/testing
Tailored service packages to suit your needs
Flexible timings; we can work around kitchen/working hours

We Help You Fulfil Your Obligations

The law and your insurance policy require you to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic, as well as reduce the risk of fires in your establishment. According to the TR/19 regulations put in place for ventilation duct cleaning, there is a specific bench mark for defining and measuring cleanliness. At Hygenavent, we can help you stay in compliance and provide the risk assessment and cleaning you require to protect your business and provide a clean work environment for your employees. We will inspect your ductwork, risers, fans, filters and canopies in commercial kitchens to provide a detailed plan that will ensure the appropriate cleaning and maintenance is completed for insurance and legal purposes.

Cleaning the grease and other debris from your kitchen ductwork is no easy job. Most commercial cleaners readily available won’t produce results that fulfil your obligation. We send our experienced and trained staff to your commercial kitchen to use the right tools and cleaning agents to ensure the job is done right the first time. We will identify and assess any risk factors, create a plan for proper cleaning and maintenance, implement the plan and keep detailed records.

We Perform a Thorough Job

You need to be sure you are working with a team of professionals that will leave no grease or other debris behind. We take the time to train our employees to ensure they perform a thorough clean of your system. We don’t only target the areas you can readily see and reach; we use special tools and cameras, as well as specially formulated cleaners, to eliminate all of the grease and oils that have become entrapped in your system. We take great pride in providing the highest level of service at the most reasonable prices, making a thorough kitchen extraction more affordable so every business can remain compliant.

We serve schools, restaurants, pubs, catering facilities and other similar businesses.

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HVCA TR/19 Approved

B&ES TR/19 focuses on best-practice guidance for keeping ventilation ductwork clean, essential to prevent fire risk, maintain air quality and keep systems running efficiently. Many insurers now demand that cleaning be carried out in accordance with advice given in B&ES TR/19 - Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems.

Comprehensive Service

At Hygenavent, we listen to client needs and tailor our services to meet your exact requirements. We provide sustainable solutions to meet health and safety, environmental and legislative concerns, whilst maintaining reliability and compliance.

Long Term Protection

Hygenavent provides air quality assessment, treatment and air hygiene management services for a range of buildings, including office blocks, shops, hospitals and leisure facilities, to ensure legal compliance, a safe environment, plus the overall efficiency and long-term running of air handling systems.


CITB NAAD - National Association of Air Duct Cleaners AEME BESA - Building Engineering Services Association
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