Air Hygiene Assessment

Good air quality isn’t just a luxury; it’s a requirement, particularly under British laws designed to protect the health and well-being of the general public. For this reason, it’s essential for businesses to get a comprehensive air hygiene assessment to ensure their air ducts and other aspects of the ventilation system are in good operation condition and promote healthier air.

Gather Necessary Data

At Hygenavent, we will send an experienced team to your business to conduct an air hygiene assessment. Through this assessment, we will gather all pertinent data to measure air quality and help create a plan that will ensure full compliance with the relevant laws. This data will relate to the quality of air, as well as the frequency of cleaning and the current status of the ventilation system. When compiled together, it will produce an overall picture that lets you know whether you are compliant and what you can do to ensure you are following pertinent regulations as closely as possible.

Our professionals will closely evaluate your property and complete an overview of the entire site, as well as its current status. We will then provide a detailed summary of our findings to keep you well informed. This summary may include photographs and a detailed schematic of your ventilation system, along with any supporting technical information.

We Help You Follow Regulations

Health and Safety regulations are put in place to ensure everyone has a safe place to work. Good air quality is all a part of this initiative. These regulations have been in place since 1996, but the latest TR/19 and BSEN: 15780 requirements have further expanded on these requirements and set a new standard for businesses. We are here to help you assess your current system and create a plan to ensure you remain in compliance and provide the healthy air your employees and customers deserve.